Hello void #6

Void! Hi! It’s been some time. Festivities happened. Now we’ve reached the stage where people leave dead trees on the street. Ah, January.

In London I’ve found myself looking for something new. This email was always supposed to be about me trying to get better at taking pictures, and when I look at recent pictures they feel stale and bland. They’ve all been taken before. Recently I’ve been inspired by Mark Hurrell’s photos; he sees things differently. I think I might try to be more Mark.

In Wiltshire, things change much more slowly. Change of any sort is something to point at and remark on. Look what they’ve done there. Didn’t know that was happening. Ooooh.

I still sit on trains. Kate and I took the train for a muddy walk in Dorset. No-one else on board had walking boots on.


That’s enough blabbling for now. I’m too busy, everyone’s too busy. It’s fine by me if you skip the words in this, and just look at the pictures.

My todo list today includes:

  • replace the dead car headlight bulb

  • go to the Post Office

  • sort out some overdue backups

  • send this email

I’ll tick off that last one, and crack on with the rest.

See you soon, void. I saw you in the supermarket the other day, you were just arriving and I was just leaving. But you didn’t see me.

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