London without a pandemic

Hello void. Some old pictures, from when there wasn’t a pandemic and it was fine to just wander around wherever you liked, and stand close to strangers on Tube trains, and all of that felt completely normal and fine. Imagine!

I took these in London, usually in the evenings after work, because in those days I was often staying in London for a few nights mid-week and I didn’t always have anything else to do. So sometimes I’d stroll for miles, and take photos of things.

Now that sort of behaviour feels just bizarre. What a reckless fool I was, walking around wherever I wanted, standing next to strange people, breathing in their droplets. I never used to think of “droplets” and other people’s breathing, but now I think about it a lot. I expect you do too, void. You’re the thoughtful sort.

The case numbers increase while the vaccines do their thing, and my inactivity stretches out forever on a sort of plateau. The idea of going anywhere or doing anything or seeing anyone just feels so wrong.

It’s been less than 2 years, but see: this is how lockdown has conditioned me. London and its shadows and its busy streets all feel very, very far away.

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