Roll of film 1, part 1

Hello void,

I’ve been looking forward to this for a couple of months. During that time, I’ve been shooting film for the first time in *forever*, using a cheap second-hand plastic point-and-shoot camera I bought for a tenner from eBay.

I’ve loved it. I’d forgotten what using a film camera was like. I’d forgotten about the texture and grain in the images. I’d forgotten the waiting, while film gets developed. I’d forgotten the cost.

I’m out of practice when it comes to shooting film. My exposures were all over the place, mostly over-exposed. Bright late summer skies didn’t come out the way I’d hoped they would.

But from a 36-exposure film, I think I got about a dozen or so keepers, and that’s pretty good work I think.

I’m keen to shoot more, despite the cost. It’s fun. Sometimes you have to pay for fun.

More next week.

Hello void #4

Hello void,

I’m tired but feeling good this week. How’s your week going?

These are three photos from the archives:

But these ones I took this week:

I’m drawn to darkness in photography (black and white or otherwise). I like the idea of only just being able to make out all the details in a photo; or of there being details that are so dark, the viewer is forced to peer closer.

I don’t know if this is a reflection of my moods, my artistic leanings, or my worsening middle-aged myopia.

Where have you been this week, void? What have you been thinking?


Recently I’ve developed a slight obsession with dithering. Not the “I can’t decide what to wear” sort of dithering, but the “noise intentionally applied to an image” sort of dithering.

There’s an app you can get for iOS called ca-mera, these images were all taken using that. There are other apps that do dithering too, maybe I’ll experiment with them another time.

I particularly like this one; it’s just a torn piece of paper but the dither effect makes it look like landscape.

And this one does a nice job of rendering a dark street scene - the texture of the stone wall on the left comes out very nicely. The car in the distance on the right acts as a counter-balance.


Thanks for reading, void.

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